What does ‘work-life balance’really mean?

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We hear the term work-life balance all the time but what does that really mean?

We all have it in us to create the perfect balance in our lives to give us the focus and clarity to be and do what we want to be. We will have periods in our lives where this becomes harder and the shift doesn’t work in our favour but by working smarter and creating some clear pathways, the sight to our goals doesn’t have to be a million miles away.

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So why would you need outside help with this? Simple - I have the ability to sit outside of your situation, in a place that is clear of bias, with a completely independent view of you and your life. Sitting in that place gives me the ability to see things in a different way to you. This can prove invaluable, particularly when you feel like you can’t see the ‘woods for the trees’ yourself. Quite often being able to speak freely and honestly to someone outside of your life gives you a completely clear perspective of what is actually going on. It also gives you someone to be accountable to.

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I’m not a counsellor or a coach, I am a real life, real world person. My skills for listening are what set me apart from the rest, this coupled with my personable character allow you to speak freely. Be prepared though, I have a no-nonsense approach and will tell you if I think you are on the wrong lines with something. After all, what is the point of hiring me if we don’t get results?

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