Perfecting a consistent online message


Getting your online message right is critical. Making sure your real-world brand matches online and through your social media channels is extremely important.


Your business needs a website which reflects its personality. It needs to function as more than just a ‘shop window’. Using the Squarespace platform, I can build the website which presents your message/product/service perfectly. I’ll make sure the site has the right look and feel, including guidance with images and words. I’ll also help you with the basics of SEO and calls to action so that your website has a definitive presence and purpose from launch day.

In order to be successful online, your website needs to grow and adapt with you and your business. Using Squarespace, editing images and text is simple and with a short amount of training, you’ll have a website that has been built exactly as you need it to be, as well as having the knowledge to edit it yourself. This means you won’t have to pay an expensive monthly retainer fee to a web designer ever again. Plus I’ll show you the tools in SquareSpace such as email campaigns and analytics that will help you with advanced marketing.

Full website: £850
Full website with e-commerce - £1000
(An annual Squarespace fee is required and I will give you a 20% discount code)

KellyLouise West

Build your own website

Many business owners opt to build their own website, this gives them the ability to fully immerse their personality into the messaging and look of the site. As an authorised Squarespace trainer, you can hire me for a two hour, one-to-one session that will enable you to do exactly this.

During the session we will cover:

• How to pick the perfect template
• Creating the relevant pages needed for your website
• Editing images/content
• SEO - what is it and how can you apply this to your website?
• Overview of analytics
• Social media account connection
• How to style your website using colour and fonts
• Overview of connecting your domain to your site

Cost - £150
Includes follow up email support

Social media training

Getting your message from the real world to the online world is the first step, furthering that message via social media is the next step. Ensuring consistency of messaging and your brand elements, work with me to create the best strategy for your business.

I offer a two-hour session that will help us discover what you do and don’t know about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. During this bespoke training session, you’ll learn the social media principles, tools and techniques that will grow your audience and build your online community.

Cost - £150