Personalised support


My business mentoring service is easy to access. I offer training in one-hour blocks, and it is available either online via Zoom or if in person if preferable (and viable).

During these mentoring session I will:

• Listen and learn about you and your goals
• Let you be yourself without judgement or criticism
• Answer your questions rather than teach you things
• Prove my commitment to helping you on your journey
• Show you the obvious but overlooked way to overcome procrastination
• Help you to face the fears that are holding you back professionally and personally
• Find out what is most sellable and marketable about you and your business 
• Ask the questions you are avoiding - and help you answer them
• Show the secrets to finding amazing work/life balance
• Demonstrate which skills you must learn and the ones you need to buy in
• Give you focus on what is important, rather than pages of notes you won’t read
• Offer accountability and a plan of action for your journey 

Cost - £75 per hour

Kelly Louise West