Building your network,
your business & yourself

Kelly Louise West Diamonds


Throughout my career, I have relied on networking to raise awareness and get the referrals I needed to build a sustainable and healthy business. I’ve also relied on a healthy network for support. Life can be lonely for a business owner, so you need to be surrounded by like-minded people that have your best interests at heart and to act as your extended salesforce.

I believe in networking and I know how to do it successfully. By being authentic and clear about what I do both online and offline, I am able to win trust and business much faster than traditional means . In fact, I regularly meet people who think they’ve already met me because they’ve interacted with me online. During my two-hour “Build Your Success Network” one-to-one training session, I will show you how to build meaningful business relationships by moving seamlessly between on/offline networking and create your own success network.

”Build Your Success Network” training session (two-hours): £150



Having spent over 10 years attending various networking groups, my husband James and our business partner Cat have combined what we believe are key elements of business networking to create ONLE. By bringing the best of face-to-face business networking together with the online world, we have created a new concept for our members: a place where robust business relationships and genuine friendships blossom. In between meetings, the online support we provide increases visibility of our members and helps them grow.

The results have been staggering. Virtual networking is our next goal and this is where it gets really exciting. Imagine a networking meeting with international participants that could expand your reach with no limits whatsoever. Well, it’s coming so no need to imagine for much longer.

Whether you are a fan of business networking or not, take a look at ONLE. I’d love to meet you at one of the meetings - either virtually or in person!