I’ve always been a business mentor, this just makes it official.

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I was a business mentor before I realised it. Whether building their website or helping them with marketing and networking, I realised my customers had the same problem. They are all dealing with challenges much larger than technical skills. They all needed someone to listen without judgement. 

So I listened and understood what made them and their business unique. I’ve also understood their challenges and the real reasons that hold them back. Once I listened, I was able to help. And for my customers, above all else, this was what they valued.  

The experience and skills I have are very useful to my customers. I’m pragmatic and level-headed so I’m not blinded by trends and short-term developments.  I am kind person, but I’m not overly sentimental and I’m not afraid to ask difficult questions. And most of all, helping people succeed is my favourite feeling in business. It reminds me of my journey and the positivity is infectious.  

So before I even formed the idea, I realised that people were asking me for business mentoring. So this website, my new brand and all the work I’ve carried out over the past six months were about making this reality visible and tangible. My new website makes it official - I’m a business mentor and I’m open for business.

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